What is and why is the dress code important for special events and galas?

The Dress Code are specific rules of how to dress in each type of event, in most times the guests are guided by the invitations in which guidelines are given on h

ow to go (sometimes they also send examples), in other occasions they simply Many doubts arise as to what is the perfect outfit ?, to which are added questions about colors, shapes, type of fabric, gloss or matte, should it be a long or short dress? etc.

When you don't know how to read the invitation, how to interpret it can be a headache ...

In recent years, the way of dressing luckily is more open and allows some personal touch, which we must maximize by learning to know ourselves from the depths to be able to project through our image what we really are, about all when we hav

e the opportunity to wear a unique party dress.

Another factor to take into account is that we live in a globalized world, in which if you are a person who travels to other parts of the world it is possible that the dress codes change so it is advisable to always be informed

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